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SEEM was established by Işıl Timuroğlu and Burcu Boran to provide institutions with strategy development, consultancy and training services on sustainability and management systems. SEEM aims for genuine implementation and development of pioneering international studies within organizations in subjects of corporate management and corporate sustainability.

Being conscious that all administrative choices/systems implemented by institutions of various sizes aim at their persistence in relevant fields, SEEM uses risk management methods to determine priorities and works together with the institution on an action plan for the development of these systems.

SEEM conducts its activities relying on knowledge and experience; and with a technical network of local and international experts, each one of them being specialized in specific fields.

By prioritizing the implementation of sustainability as culture; SEEM conducts a devoted work in raising awareness among all collaborators.

Işıl Timuroğlu


Having worked for international institutions (DOE) authorized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Işıl Timuroğlu is one of Turkey’s first local carbon auditors. She played part in the approval and verification of more than 130 carbon emission projects (CDM, GS, VCS, SocialCarbon) developed to make use of carbon credits.

Işıl Timuroğlu is one of Turkey’s first local ISO 14064 auditors and trainers, and has experience in the verification of the first greenhouse gas emission inventory report of many corporate firms according to ISO 14064. She has provided service in the verification and approval of many greenhouse gas emission inventory report and has given many trainings in the same field. She was also entitled by Head Auditor Certificate by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Işıl Timuroğlu has played a pioneering role in the organization of the first water footprint training in Turkey in order to contribute in the development of local capacity and was also qualified as Turkey’s first Water Footprint verifier. She has worked for and trained many firms working in the field of water footprint.

She participated in the verification process of firms working on transparently reporting their sustainability by responding to CDP Climate Change and CDP Water programs in order to increase their transparency and reliability.

She provided service and trainings for firms in the fields of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the assessment of products’ environmental impacts, Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) and Eco-Labelling standards.

Burcu Boran


Burcu Boran is Turkey’s first lead verifier under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). After finishing her training in China, she took part in the validation and verification teams of more than 200 emissions reduction projects in Turkey and worldwide. She was assigned as lead verifier in Turkey’s first, both organizational and product based carbon emissions projects; with her expertise in sustainability, she was assigned moderator of Green Business Conference along with The Guardian’s sustainability chief editor, Jo Confino.

By setting standards according to sustainability parameters for industries like logistics and tourism and sales networks; she carried out projects with respective associations to increase sustainability awareness.

On behalf of CDP Turkey, she took part as a trainer during trainings organized for BIST 100 companies.

Burcu Boran, spent more than ten years working for certification bodies like Bureau Veritas and Rina which have a past of over 150 years, she also made audits for standards such as ISO 9001 Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001.